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For Everyday Use

Sleep Pod Pro Rem

Listen to soothing music while sleeping, quickly help you get most needed rem sleep. Helps you to have a refreshing morning everyday.

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All Purpose Sleep Band

Sleep Pod Pro DreamWrap

Listen to music all day while doing any activity, while cooking, while studying you name it and most importantly while sleeping.

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Nap Anywhere Anytime

Sleep Pod Pro FaceHugger

Doctors suggest to get a 10 to 20 minute nap everyday to feel you energized all day long. Our special facehugger built for you to take nap anytime anywhere

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For Gentle Eye Massage

Sleep Pod Pro MindScape

After a tired session of gaming or even after staring hours on phone or laptop screen MindScape face massager is the one you need to have for relaxing eyes while listening to music

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  • Sleep and Listen

    Listen to soothing and relaxing music wirelessly while you sleep with extra comfortable speakers gives you the best sleep ever!

  • Rest Anywhere

    Carry Sleep Pod Pro anywhere you go and get an instant rest anywhere no matter how disturbing the outside world is

  • Relax with Deep Sleep

    Feel energised and refreshing every morning with Sleep Pod Pro as it help you to get good amount of REM sleep and Deep sleep.